best greek gyros in Chicago

We believe that great food starts with family and our family knows great Greek food! The First best greek gyros in chicago truck in the world started with my family.

My family has been vending food on the streets of Chicago since 1971 when our uncle started serving hotdogs and pretzels on 51st and Park Avenue. Today, my brother Franky and I bring the best Greek food to the city that never sleeps!

Uncle Gussy’s recipes have been perfected, and we use only hand-selected ingredients. Our authentic seasoning is made from fresh lemons, Greek olive oil, salt, and oregano — all imported straight from Greece.

Our greek food menu has traditional Mediterranean dishes, prepared with love by our beautiful mother, Katerina.

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to our food. We work hard to bring you the best Greek food and customer service. Uncle Gussy’s is located at 51st & Park Avenue/345 Park Avenue, and the Paros floating food truck. Please check our locations page for other stores or trucks near you.

Almost 50 years have passed and best gyros in chicago is now one of the best places to eat, always nearby, and still located on 51st Street and Park Avenue. Through the generations, our affordable oversized portions of Gyros, greek salads, and other Greek specialties are still made with the highest quality ingredients and just like Mom would make them.Greek hospitality and fast-casual Hellenic food experience. We always ask our customers to help us ensure the best quality service, and we truly appreciate it when they give us a rating and write a short review about Gyros Chicago on Google.